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Business Address: The Manor
Main Street
Tur Langton
Short Business Description: Offering a helping hand towards a more healthful, heartful life.
Long Business Description:

I help people to get to the root of their health issues, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, restoring a sense of balance & reconnection with Self.
Experiencing unexplained symptoms? Stubborn injuries or problems? Looking for a more natural, alternative health solution? Feeling blocked from living life the way you choose? Or just not quite feeling yourself without understanding why?
I have a range of services to help, including Health Kinesiology, Intolerance Testing, Energy Healing and a Gut Microbiome Reset Programme. Find out more with a free no-obligation 20-minute chat.

Business Phone Number: 07970 860393
CAN&WILL Fitness and Wellbeing
Business Address: The CAN&WILL Studio at Market Harborough Rugby Club
Northampton Road
Market Harborough
LE16 9HF
Short Business Description: Fitness and Wellbeing destination offering personal coaching, classes and sports massage therapy
Long Business Description:

At the CAN&WILL Studio, our passion is to provide services to improve your physical and mental wellbeing alike.
Our studio is a safe, non-judgemental and encouraging space to receive a wide variety of services including personal coaching and sports massage therapy. We also pride ourselves on offering exclusive and innovative classes in Market Harborough such as PiYo Live!; an energetic combination of Pilates and Yoga, Barre, Tai Chi and Mindfulness, Hot Yoga, HIIT circuits and more.
We work in partnership with BalancED:MK; a not-for-profit organisation for sufferers and cares of those with an eating disorder. The CAN&WILL Studio holds the ReBalance self-support group twice per month.

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Business Phone Number: 07736387169
Positive Change Coaching & Counselling
Business Address: 29 WELLAND Avenue, GARTREE, Market Harborough, LE16 7RN
Short Business Description: Positive Change is a counselling and coaching practice developed by Kathryn Marlow to help people achieve a brighter future with a more positive mindset
Long Business Description:

Our focus is on establishing permanent, positive change in order for you to enjoy life and find a new way of being. Kathryn is highly qualified and experienced in a range of coaching and counselling techniques that can be tailored to meet the diverse requirements of many emotional and life issues, which are underpinned by four fundamental steps; Explore – yourself, your current state and your future desires. Understand – what’s required to make the change. Change – circumstances and behaviours to make goals a reality. Grow – as an individual to a new and better you.

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Business Phone Number: 07976597672
Talako Therapies
Business Address: Meadow View, 35a Main Street, Sutton Bassett, Market Harborough, LE16 8HP
Short Business Description: Chiropractic and Craniosacral Therapy
Long Business Description:

Talako Therapies is Market Harborough’s only integrated Chiropractic and Craniosacral Therapy practice. With over 21-years experience in treating patients, I am able to call on a wealth of experience and a diverse range of techniques to provide relief not only from symptoms of physical pain and dysfunction, but also to support emotional and mental wellbeing. Common conditions treated include low back and neck pain, sciatica, headaches, sports injuries, and various childhood complaints. I am also experienced in treating pregnant women and babies.

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Business Phone Number: 07870 645076 / 01848 461465
Young Living Essential Oils
Business Address: Braybrooke
Short Business Description: Essential oils, natural cleaners, supplements and personal care products.
Long Business Description:

The world leaders in Essential Oils. We sell 100% pure and organic oils. We offer a range of non toxic personal care products, a natural cleaner, supplements, and health and wellness products for the whole family. We also offer people the opportunity to join our company to make some extra spending money by sharing the products.

Business Phone Number: 07976883236
GP Psychology
Business Address: St Mary’s Road
Market Harborough
LE16 7LA
Short Business Description: Psychological Services
Long Business Description:

GPPsychology is based in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

I am a Chartered Forensic Psychologist (BPS) and Registered Practitioner Psychologist (HCPC). I offer psychological services including therapy, expert witness assessment and supervision.

I use an integrative approach to the therapy I provide and have trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Schema Therapy, EMDR and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).

Therapy sessions can be face to face in Market Harborough, Leicestershire or I offer online therapy via Zoom to clients who are UK residents, both home and abroad.

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Business Phone Number: 01858452615
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Business Address: Lily Cottage,
Main Street,
LE16 7RB
Short Business Description: I am a nutritional and weightloss advisor and Consultant with the Health and Wellness company, Arbonne International. My enjoyment comes from showing others how to live a healthier, happier life through vegan clean nutrition and empowering them to create a life of freedom and choice through building an online thriving business.
Long Business Description:

Arbonne is a 37 year old Swiss company which has been green since day one!! We reach the consumer through the business model of network marketing. This gives us ultra premium products at an affordable price by cutting out on the middle man.

We have over 450 products ranging from baby, through to men and anti-ageing covering all skin conditions, as well as nutrition, makeup, personal care, bath and body, sun care and detox spa range. Everything you use on a daily basis you can by from us!!!

Our products are vegan certified, kosher, gluten free, contain no phthalates, formaldehyde, synthetic dyes, artificial sweeteners or colours, cholesterol, trans fats and so much more…… More importantly they work!!!

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 07971 591220
The Health Kick
Business Address: 39 Bitteswell Road, Lutterworth, LE17 4EN
Short Business Description: The Health Kick looks after your insides and outsides via nutrition, exercise and chemical free skin care.
Long Business Description:

Spreading my love of nutrition and exercise via group bite sized nutrition topics, 1:1’s and personal training.

Business Phone Number: 07557 343896
Business Address: Market Harborough
Short Business Description: Strong Bird Fitness offers personal training, group training, park training sessions, nutritional advice and mindfulness guidance.
Long Business Description:

STRONG BIRD FITNESS was created to help people to achieve their goals in fitness through personalised programmes, workouts, nutritional advice and mindful guidance too.

STRONG BIRD, herself has been where you are now! She has been through the challenges you are facing, managed to break through the barriers you are stuck behind and powered through plateaus! Mainly through trial and error but now she has key strategies and habits that help her overcome them all on a daily basis and she wants to help YOU!

Business Phone Number: 07986954203
The Injury Clinic Market Harborough
Business Address: Ground Floor
14 King’s Head Place
Market Harborough
LE16 7JT
Short Business Description: General & Sports Injury Treatment Clinic
Long Business Description:

At The Injury Clinic Market Harborough, we understand how injuries, aches and pains can really get in the way of living life, and the time it takes to recover can be frustrating. We’re here to help people of all ages live free from painkillers, become more mobile and get back to the activities that mean the most.

Injury Treatment
Sports Injuries
Sports Massage
Medical Acupuncture
Exercise Rehabilitation

Business Phone Number: 01858 288260